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Save On Fuel Expenses - Make The Switch To LPG
The use of "alternative fuels" such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for vehicles is not something new in the global market. Over the past years, LPG-driven cars function normally without any problems or complications. In our country, the successive increase in the price of unleaded gasoline made car expenses almost an unbearable burden and has led drivers to converted LPG vehicles.
The required LPG conversion can be done only in appropriate and specialized repair shops, such as the AutoFlash Automotive Repair Shop, located in Thessaloniki. In limited amount of time, and due to the fuel consumption economy, the amortization of the conversion cost is almost instant.
The AutoFlash Gas Automotive Repair Shop, having always targeting the needs of its customers, can recommend the most efficient and economical solution for your vehicle. Other services include: LPG conversion (LPG installation), MOT test centre certification for your vehicle and convenient payment methods through your credit card. Finally, the modern AutoFlash Electric Automotive Repair Shop - Diagnostic Centre is able to provide continuous monitoring of your vehicle operation.

What is LPG?

LPG is an environmentally friendly source of energy with a wide range of applications: domestic (heating, cooking, hot water production), industrial, agricultural, catering and automotive fuel. LPG is used in hundreds of applications by millions of users throughout the world. When LPG is burnt it produces the cleanest emissions of all oil-based products, with a low carbon dioxide output
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Why should I use LPG?

Autogas (LPG) has unique properties that make it ideal for a variety of uses. One of them is the gas-powered vehicles.
LPG-Cars will work with you to create a zero carbon footprint for your vehicle.
There is also reduced wear and tear on the engine.
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AutoFlash Gas Automotive Repair Shop

How can I have my vehicle run on LPG?

The installation - conversion procedure applies to all types of gasoline-powered cars, whether they are using older technology carburetors or multi-point fuel injection systems. There are kits for direct injection engines in gaseous or liquid form.
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AutoFlash Gas Automotive Repair Shop  How can I have my vehicle run on LPG

Why trust your car to AutoFlash Gas?

  • More than 35 years of experience in the automotive repair business
  • Affordable prices and easy payment methods through credit card
  • Modern and well-equipped Diagnostic Centre (1st Automotive Repair Shop - AutoFlash Electric – 53, Makedonias Str.)
  • Modern and complete gas-power systems and solutions (2nd Automotive Repair Shop – AutoFlash Gas – 43, Makedonias Str.)
  • 2-year Proper Operation Monitoring guarantee
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