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Συστήματα υγραεριοκίνησης αυτοκινήτων

All Lovato LPG systems for cars are manufactured and assembled entirely in Italy with the highest standards of quality control and functionality.
The Italian firm that is considered the biggest in the world, offers complete systems for all makes and types of cars.
Προϊόντα LPG Lovato
  • 1. Central control unit. Consolidated version for CNG and LPG.
  • 2. Original patented filter cartridge with high capacity, pressure sensors and integrated temperature sensor.
  • 3. Double stage membrane reducer for constant output pressure and variable pressure in the reservoir.
  • 4. Electroinjectors of reliability extensively tested for this type of gas
  • 5. Switch. Αllows switching between gas and petrol and shows the gas level in the reservoir.

The philosophy and structure is common to all models of Lovato. What changes is the type of components & parts, in order to serve the exact specifications of each type of vehicle.

All systems of the Italian factory are quality certified and warranty.


Προϊόντα LPG JLM JLM Valve Saver Fluid is the only valve saver fluid in the world that is independly tested by the German HTW university in a proper road test, and it works!.
Προϊόντα LPG JLM The new JLM Valve Saver Kit is the most reliable way to automatically inject JLM valve saver fluid directly into your vehicles fuel system.
JLM Valve Saver Fluid is the only valve saver fluid in the world that is tested by an independant German university.

LPG storage


ΔΕΞΑΜΕΝΕΣ LPG ΔΕΞΑΜΕΝΕΣ LPG For storing LPG we use the biggest companies manufacturing tanks:

LPG Accessories and Spare parts

1. For the binding and transport of LPG, we use materials of top in this field FARO
2. For electronic devices needed in a proper setup, we chose A.E.B. AEB
3. Finally, use LPG accessories(LPG multivalve, CNG filler caps, reducers, etc.) of the largest firms in Europe as TOMASETO, TIKER and MIM GAS.

Why trust your car to AutoFlash Gas?

  • More than 35 years of experience in the automotive repair business
  • Affordable prices and easy payment methods through credit card
  • Modern and well-equipped Diagnostic Centre (1st Automotive Repair Shop - AutoFlash Electric – 53, Makedonias Str.)
  • Modern and complete gas-power systems and solutions (2nd Automotive Repair Shop – AutoFlash Gas – 43, Makedonias Str.)
  • 2-year Proper Operation Monitoring guarantee
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