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LPG is an ideal alternative to gasoline and diesel. It contains no benzene, polymeric aromatic hydrocarbons and has minimum sulphur. It protects the engine of the vehicles, mainly due to methanol and ethanol. It is much more economical, requiring a much lower cost per filling for the same kilometers.

Thousands of cars around the world take advantage of the benefits of LPG.

During installation of LPG system, no part of the car is being removed, but only gas system parts are added.


LPG is absolutely legal according to article 45 of law 2773/99 (official gazette a286/22.12.1999) and m.d. 18586/698/29.3.2000

Proper installation as well as certified tanks and appliances with European specifications in the car, make LPG absolutely safe.

As soon as the car engine is switched off, the gas supply is interrupted, as well as the power supply is inhibited if the tank reaches 80% of its full capacity.

In case of fire or car crash, the LPG system will remain intact.

In the event of leakage, the gas supply from the tank safety valve is automatically shut off.

In case of leakage, gas does not enter the passenger cabin because the pipes and the other parts of the system are exposed to air. Also the trunk is ventilated by the opening of the floor.


LPG is an enviromentally friendly fuel, so it is often called “green fuel”. LPG emissions of pollutants are reduced compared with oil and gas by:

  • 60% on carbon monoxide (co) from gasoline & 90% from diesel
  • 40% in hybrocarbons (hc) from gasoline & 80% from diesel
  • 60%on oxides of nitrogen (nox) from gasoline & 60% from diesel
  • 10% in carbon dioxide (co2) from gasoline & 5% from diesel
  • 40% of particle of petroleum

LPG-powered vehicles are estimated to reduce noise pollution by 50% compared to diesel.

LPG has a very good price-performance relation as its efficiency is as much as 5 times greater than common fuels, as it manages to save energy while using better the planet’s energy sources.

Nowadays lpg in our country is easily available as there are many gas station which provides it.

Using LPG fuel we achieve 50% savings compared to gasoline use.

Installing the LPG system on the vehicle does not mean that you have to remove petrol system. At any time you want, you can choose the fuel you want to use by turning a switch inside the vehicle, even while you are driving.

Thus, the prospect of missing a gas station is not a problem because you can always use petrol.

Less Damage
The engine and the catalytic converter have fewer wear due to cleaner gas burning, which leaves no residue, thus lengthening their lifetime.

  1. Spark plugs are much cleaner
  2. Using LPG system causes less pollution of the lubricants, as LPG does not dissolve in them
  3. Filters and oil must be changed much more infrequently.